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Everything You Should Know About Geofencing Marketing

Thirty percent of the world’s population already uses location-based marketing services, and 80% of these people would like to receive notifications from companies like yours. In today’s article, I will tell you about the benefits of geofencing and why you should do it to take your business to the next level, so let’s get started soon.

To begin with, I would like to tell a little about geofencing (Geofencing, geofence). Geofencing can be defined as a virtual perimeter outlined around any point on the map. Clients who are inside this perimeter can be addressed messages.

In previous articles, we talked about iBeacon beacons and how to implement these gadgets on your site and use them to contact visitors when they enter, go out or walk indoors.

If we consider beacons as micro-locations, geofences are macro-locations.

What Is a Geofencing?

IBeacon beacons are good for short distances. when you know that the consumer will come very close to a specific object or product, and Geofencing marketing is designed for large areas, and will suit you if you want to know if someone passes by your store, a competitor’s store or same goes into a certain location.

You open Google maps or any similar program, find the territory that you would like to highlight in the geofence, and then select the round section.

If necessary, this section can be of another shape, for example, polygonal. You can also select a sector in the building or another bordering object that will become your target area.

Benefits of Geofencing

Then your phone or mobile application monitors the geofence, and while you do the business of your company day after day, this tracking does not stop in the background.

As soon as someone violates the border of the zone, paces the territory or goes beyond it, you will immediately know about it. Geofencing can and should be used to track consumers at points of sale, so you can send them relevant messages, timely notification of campaigns.

Geofencing for Mobile Applications

Other benefits include increased sales and customer loyalty, all of which can be achieved using CRM data. When you find out that a customer has come who has never been to your store or simply hasn’t bought anything for a long time.

It’s time to take measures to conquer it and send him a message, like: “Hey! We missed you and want to surround you with love! Stop by for free coffee! ” Remind them of what rewards await them for their loyalty. Or tell us about the new product lines that arrived at the store, new products that, based on the purchase history available to you, may interest them.

Geofencing to Give Rewards

As for the applications, you can use geofences to give out rewards, reminder remuneration, and you can also question visitors when they are about to leave.

When someone leaves the perimeter, tell him: “Well done, thank you for stopping by today!” How do you like us? How would you rate us? Is there anything we need to work on? ” And do not forget to offer any reward for responding to the survey.

Geofencing to Track Competitors

Keeping track of competitors is also interesting. Of course, you can spy on their store with the help of iBeacon machines, but the creation of a virtual perimeter will not be out of place.

You will have to include in your privacy policy that with Geofencing you track not only your own territories but also others that are not related to your business. It is not necessary to directly call them competitors, but I would mention something about it.


You can set up geofences around the stores and territories of your competitor, and then you can find out which of your regulars also goes to them. This information is useful to you in order to take retaliatory measures, to revise the calculation of the client base.

Further, this information can be included in your strategy to determine the principles of interaction with consumers in the future.

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