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How to Choose The Best Download Manager

Downloading Internet files is one of the usual tasks that are performed on a computer, either from the browser or using a download manager.

Before we were satisfied with obtaining files from a website, or through P2P and derivatives. Now we also have file stores with free or paid accounts, streaming, cloud services, and other content.

Downloading files from the browser is enough to obtain them. But possibly we are not downloading at maximum speed. The download manager accelerates the obtaining of files and gives us many other advantages.

We will explain its features and what are advantages having a free download manager that you can install on both mobile phones and laptops and desktops. As its name implies, they are applications that seek to help you better manage direct downloads of files you make on the network, serving as an alternative to the integrated managers of the browsers themselves.

Advantages of Having Best Download Manager!

The download manager offers many unique functions, for example, start the download on your laptop and if you have to move you can pause it and continue with it later in another location. You will not have to start over, you will continue at the same point; something especially useful if you are downloading from a slow server or it is a very heavy file or group of files.

But now they offer many other possibilities. They can manage file storage accounts and services in the cloud so you don’t have to enter the password every time you download, and even speed up P2P downloads through BitTorrent.

It also catches YouTube videos and other streaming services, converts files to other formats, schedule downloads for certain times, pass the antivirus, and turn off the computer when they finish. They are really useful.

But this is not the only advantage of download managers. One of the best known is that with them you can get a better download speed. This is possible because they can make multiple simultaneous connections and thus squeeze the connection to the maximum.

In addition, with these applications, you can also program them so that the downloads start the moment you want and not always directly when you click on the download button.

More Features of The Download Manager

Another very useful function is to identify automatically on the download platforms or file store. Thanks to this you can configure your accounts and thus not have to do it manually every time you need to download a file from platforms such as MEGA or similar.

Downloading videos and other content embedded in web pages are also among the functions of some applications of this type. Thanks to this you can download content that, in principle, are intended to be

If you make any downloads from the Internet or you usually resort to direct download links, to overcome the shortcomings of browsers is where download managers come into play. It does not matter that you are traveling around the world and using public wifi. They are independent applications that help you have greater control of what you download, as well as the sources from which the files are downloaded and the rhythms to which they are downloaded to your computer.

These managers have both basic and advanced functions. The most essential thing is that they allow you to accelerate downloads, pause and resume them, or order them to give more priority to some than others.

But it is that depending on the management application you use, these functions can go further and allow you to manage accounts, unzip files or automatically obtain links from a specific website.

As a web download manager, it uses P2P technology to find the same file you are downloading on different pages, and thus speed up the download.

You can rename files automatically if you know the source of the video, and you have the typical pause and summary options.

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