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A Comprehensive Guide to Local Search Engine Marketing

Local research is highly profitable but rather complex. Using it to acquire new customers effectively requires careful implementation and ongoing management. Local searches , that is geographically limited, can be understood in two ways:

Search query with explicit geographical reference : when the user also enters a specific city or address next to the commercial reality of his interest;
Generic search queries that implicitly return geolocated results.

This is possible thanks to an update of the google algorithm, introduced in 2012, which allows the search engine, in case of searches for the “hotel” or “restaurant” mouse, to return georeferenced results by automatically detecting the geographical position from the ip connection or gps antenna.

Why Is Local Search Marketing Important?

70% of people online buy local products and services. With the boom in the use of smartphones, this habit is constantly increasing and increasingly reinforces the importance of local research.

For companies that are not so focused on the local dimension, for example large b2b, local search marketing is still an important point of contact since salespeople, customers, partners and potential employees will probably seek indications to reach their headquarters and if you are based in Europe and especially in UK then you should try local search engine marketing London because by using these services, you can potently increase your business worth.

Where to Start Operationally?

To give you the best chance to present yourself in the right searches, you will have to tell the search engines everything they need to know, first of all providing a napu-name, address, phone, URL (name, address, telephone number, website) to the directories more important, so that search engines know what you do and where you are.

If you have been around for some time you will have to request / verify these pages and then correct or complete the information on google my business, bing places for business, yelp, yahoo! And facebook local.

Local Search Marketing Maps

Once you have entered your business on these engines, you will be positioned geographically, according to your business, next to your competitors (see map above).

It is, therefore, necessary to act to emerge, making people talk about your business. On the one hand, as in SEO, links that point to the website are welcome, but it also works very well to be mentioned , even without a link back, from other sites that report the name of the business, the address and the number phone as some people will go with geofencing marketing. This fact is read by the various spiders , first of all that of google, and allows, together with a good reputation, to have an excellent ranking .

What Can Go Wrong?

The main problem in local search is that of so-called dirty data . it often happens on Facebook, because everyone can create a location without having any restrictions, or when google local reads the citations, even those of the yellow pages and in case of discrepancy between the data, two cards are automatically created, without any evidence of which one is correct.

What we can, and must, do in these cases is to reclaim cards not created by us and add them to ours, making sure that the only visible data is the correct one.


We hope you will find this guide interesting as we have explained almost all about search engine marketing and after reading this guide you are going to have much more knowledge about doing search engine marketing in a more professional way.

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