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Tips on How to Make a Powerful Science Presentation

Performances have become a usual thing in the working life of every person. Thanks to presentations everyone can share their work and achieve recognition in larger communities. The field of science is not an exception. 

People engaged in science are constantly researching something and making discoveries. And one of the main objectives of every research project is to be able to communicate your learning to the interested audience.

But how to share the findings and be heard? That’s a complicated topic, so let’s delve into it.

3 Tips That Will Lead Your Scientific Presentation to Success

Know your audience

If you want to connect with your audience and convey your ideas, you should take the time to get to know the people who are going to come to your performance. Ask yourself about the things they want to learn and how you can help them.

Consider their level of knowledge about your topic and present the information using the correct words and tone. 

The more you understand your audience, the more chances you have to share your discoveries and be heard. 

Keep your eye on new designs and trends

The thing is nowadays people absorb enormous amounts of information and the human eye is already accustomed to the black text written on white background. That’s why to capture the audience’s attention you need to try new unusual designs and experiment with fonts and colours in your presentation. 

In this case, you have two options: to craft your template yourself or you can use the help of professionals from MasterBundles. There is no need to think about new trends in presentation making as everything is already thoroughly thought out and is waiting for your use. 

Try a 10-20-30 rule 

This advice was given by Guy Kawasaki who works at Apple. He suggests that your presentation should:

1. Have no more than 10 slides

It is thought that comprehending more than 10 slides is complicated for the audience. This rule is especially crucial during science presentations when you are sharing new ideas and discoveries. 

2. Be no longer than 20 minutes

Sometimes you are given the time of presentation and it can be even more than

20 minutes. However, if you are free to choose the duration of your performance, it is always better to give your preferences during 10-20 minutes. 

3. Use a font size of no less than 30 point

The text you use should be visible for a person with average eyesight from every room corner. That’s why the font you use ought to be big enough to read and comprehend. But what text to use for being both creative and understandable? You can find lots of them following this link https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/powerpoint/. Thanks to these shifts you don’t need to think about font design and how they will match with the presentation. Everything is already thought of by professionals. 

We have covered the list of science ppt templates. There you will find a lot of ready-made options such as icons, pictures, and fonts.

Top 6 Engaging Science Templates 

Best Science PPT Template 2022. 50 Scientific Powerpoint Slides And Google Slides & Keynote

This template is crafted in an emerald green colour. Such tones are associated with nature and harmony. Having a brief look is enough to have visual pleasure and desire to follow the information. It’s a perfect choice for presentations that are based on biology or chemistry. There are plenty of icons in the shape of microscopes, bacteria, and chemical compounds. All these things will make your performance visually appealing and capture your audience’s attention. 

Powerful Science Presentation

Space Technology Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

Are you going to speak about space during your performance? So choose this template! Dark purple and blue colours will help to immerse your audience in the theme of space technology. This presentation includes ready-made visual elements of planets, stars, and spacecraft. 

Moreover, you can find high-quality pictures of astronauts and the galaxy that will make your performance appealing and engaging. Everything from text to icons is edible and can be used in different ways. 

Powerful Science Presentation

Chemical Engineering Presentation Template 

If you want to add a sense of joy and innocence to a serious science performance, check this template. It includes 5 colour schemes and icons that are based on chemical engineering. Just try adding some cheerful vibes to your performance and see how the audience’s engagement will boost. Don’t worry, this template also includes bar, pie, and line charts that enable you to show some kind of evidence or dependence. Thanks to this your performance can be both scientific and engaging. 

Powerful Science Presentation

Education & Science Infographic PPT

This template will be a perfect variant no matter what you are doing: giving a science presentation, teaching, or making a school project. The background is white, but all the icons, graphics, and charts are crafted in vivid colours that look even brighter in the colourless tone. You don’t have to think about making visual elements such as chemical flasks or microscopes, everything is already done and waiting for your use.

Powerful Science Presentation

Cyber Technology Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

This presentation is crafted for engaging computer science performances. High-quality pictures connected to the digital world make this template unique and eye-catching. Purple is the main colour, however, you can add your tones and bring a sense of your personality. You don’t need to worry about colour combination as included pictures make a perfect match with the background.

84 Cycle Animated Infographics 2022

Are you looking for a template that is full of infographics? Then take this one into your consideration. You will notice how your presentation gets better with brightly coloured charts. The unique thing about this template is that all infographics and diagrams are in the form of circles. This will undoubtedly help you to grab your listener’s attention.

Powerful Science Presentation

Wrapping it up 

Now you know how to get everything out of your science performance. Thanks to the variety of visual icons, bars, and charts you will be able to convey your idea and share your discoveries with any audience.

Remember that the ability to give presentations won’t only help people understand important information, but also can contribute to your career success.

So provide given advice to your performance and you will be amazed how the engagement of the audience will boost. Go ahead and succeed in your next science presentation!

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